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Getting To Our Office

Location Map

Some customers tell us that they find it difficult to locate our office on their first visit. Actually we are conveniently located near Bugis Junction, just across from the National Library. There are a few MRT stations within walking distance and excellent bus connections (see sidebar for more information). Below is a location map for our office.

On common complaint of our customers is that they enter the wrong premise. The building signage is not very helpful and there are in fact two entrances to this building. One is facing North Bridge Road, while our entrance is around the corner on Middle Road. That side entrance is the correct one. There is a *very small* elevator and a stairway. The sign on the door reads "450 North Bridge Road".

Location map. Click to enlarge.

Address - 450 North Bridge Road, #02-01, Chan Brothers Building, Singapore, 188732
Some customers tell us that they find it difficult to locate our office on their first visit.
Please take a look at our: location map and street views

Hours - Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6pm (except holidays). Occasionally we're working Saturdays as well, but please call for an appointment.

Contact Us - Phone +65-6337-1900 or email: admin [at] rfcopy.com

Street Views

Below is a street view of our office, looking down Victoria Street from the Middle Road junction. Our building is on the corner, highlighted in red dotted lines. It is known as Chan Brothers Building. It can be confusing to visit us because there are two entrances to the building. Although our address is 450 North Bridge Road, our entrance is actually on Middle Road, as shown by the red arrow. You must pass by a 7-Eleven and a money changer to locate the entrance.

Street view of the building. Click to enlarge.

Below is a close-up view of our office on the second floor, marked with red dotted lines. There is a (very) small lift and a staircase up to the 2nd floor. The signboard downstairs indicates that the 2nd storey is occupied by Iterate Pte Ltd, which is our parent company.

Street view of our office. Click to enlarge.