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Our Customers

Customer Profile

While we do serve real estate agents and companies that own service apartments, most of our customers are individual property owners or tenants.

Such customers are often frustrated because their building management will only give them a few cards - not enough for a large family or co-tenants. Some complain that they are asked embarassing questions such as 'why would a single person would need an extra card' or 'why were you so foolish as to lose your card?'

If you do lose your card, the building management will not have any immediate solution since they themselves cannot duplicate RF cards. Typically you will be given an option to pay $50 - 100 for each new card requested, sometimes with a separate cash deposit, and then wait 2-4 weeks for delivery. This is a huge inconvenience - don't let it happen to you.

Our customers are very happy with our service. We receive glowing testimonials and although we offer a 100% refund with no questions asked, we have only had to make such refunds in a few instances. We enjoy a significant amount of repeat business.

Islandwide Coverage

We serve customers all over Singapore and have also copied cards for customers overseas. The Singapore map below shows blue markers for buildings where we have successfully copied cards, and red markers for those which we were not able to copy.

Customer map. Click to enlarge.

We can check this database over the phone to verify: (a) whether we have ever tried to read a card from your building, and (b) whether we can copy cards from this building.